NBeer &MICA Colaboration Beer

Situated in the highest elevations of Fuentenebro, along Spain's Duero River valley, brewing at Cerveza Mica follows the same meticulous attention to traditional agricultural practices and quality of natural ingredients that also make this one of the world's great wine regions.

Exceptional purity of local water and ingredients, combined with skillful technique, produces similarly exceptional beer.

Juan Cereijo is in fact the only brewer who has earned a commission to supply beer for the Royal Family of Spain.  He was also a Top Ten finalist of the 2016 World Beer Challenge.

In December of 2016, Juan was invited to China, participating in multiple craft beer events.  During this time, he also visted Yinhai at NBeer Craft's production brewery to collaborate on a Belgian-style dubbel.

For this project Yinhai chose to include Sichuan peppercorn from his home province, while Juan added Mediterranean flair with Spanish thyme.  The two also split the project into two batches: one that would undergo the standard fermentation in stainless steel, and the other to be aged in red wine barrels - awaiting the magical result at a later date! (Stay tuned!)